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You're not the first folks to wander this way today. Lots of folks visit Rural, Vermont.

I think it's on account of the pace is a bit slower here--the village an' surroundin' area is awfully pretty.

And the people you meet are mighty friendly. (Well most of 'em are anyway.)

Me? The name is Clara Reed and I've lived here in Vermont my whole life. I'm just heading over to the barn to hang this wonderful wreath.

C'mon I'll show you around, introduce you to some folks who can help you get where you want to be.

By the way, have you heard the news? Rural Vermont was voted Best Community Web Site for a second year in a row!

And if your timing is good, you just might find some Rural Vermont folks gathered on the front porch, chatting. Visit with them live.

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bookstore owner
Alice Reed

Her bookstore is a favorite with area residents and seasonal visitors

She also keeps a diary that you can read.

Go Ski!
Dave Becker

He and his wife, Morgan know how to have fun in the snow! Go ski!
fish and game
Dexter Perry
Dexter spends just about all his time outdoors.
town clerk
Emily Kramer

Town Clerk
Ever consider running for office?
Chris Perkins

He and his brother, Peter can tell you all the best places for children
The Goodalls

Innkeepers know all the best places to stay in Rural Vermont.

Howard Liddle

His farm's about one of the prettiest and most productive in all of Rural.

School Teacher
Maggie Sheldon

Teaches 3rd Graders at Rural's Elementary School.

Paul Winkle

As the postmaster, he knows how to get in touch with everyone in Rural.
Rev. Bellows
Reverend Bellows
Rural Vermont Places of Worship
Search the Bible
Tom Reynolds

President of Rural's Savings and Loan, Tom knows all the financial resources.
Leslie Miller

One of Rural's many realtors. Careful, she just might sell you a house.

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Rural Vermont was voted Best Community Site for 1997!

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